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The Hermal Group are proud to introduce to you their group of companies.


Sullivans Cove Distillery was established in 1994 at its original location at the old brickworks at Sullivans Cove, making it the second oldest whisky distillery in Tasmania. In 2014 when our French Oak cask HH0525 was named Best Single Malt Whisky in the World by the World Whiskies Awards, both our little distillery, and the Tasmanian whisky industry as a whole, shot to international acclaim. We’ve been trying to keep up ever since. With a new generation of keen young distillers now bringing their passion for Tassie whisky to the table, Sullivans Cove continues as Australia's premier single malt whisky distillery.

Sullivan's Cove


CLTP Tasmania will be producing primarily Cross Laminated Timber Panels as well as structural Glue Laminated Timber (GLT) beams. Cross Laminated Timber Panels are manufactured by gluing layers of solid timber together. By gluing layers of timber at perpendicular angles, the resultant panel is able to achieve a higher structural outcome than the individual pieces.


The cross laminated technique is intended to utilise large quantities of lower quality, sustainable and renewable sources of juvenile plantation logs compared to using higher value fibre from non-sustainable resources. Our product will be the first Hardwood CLT Panel commercially available anywhere in the world. As we will be utilising the entire log for the product along with the inherent characteristics of the fibre, this product will have superior structural and thermal properties over a softwood panel. 

Screenshot 2019-02-12 21.42.39.png


Solar Wood manufacture timber products for the construction industry. Mainly cross laminated timber panels or CLTP, this is an engineered product with all the great credentials of timber but has the strength and duality of steel and concrete.

Cross laminated timber panels are cleaner, quieter, cheaper and quicker to use than traditional building methods, plus their green and sustainable credentials are unmatched. Cross Laminated Timber Panels, a relatively new building system and because of its strength, its proving a viable alternative to concrete and steel and can be used in domestic, commercial and high-rise buildings. Wood is 400 times better at insulating than steel and 15 times better than concrete.


Current Australian regulations allow for timber construction up to 8 levels with Canadian building regulation allowing for 14 stories Solar Wood’s manufacturing facility is based in Burnie Tasmania at the very heart of Australia’s largest privately-owned hardwood Eucalypti forest. We are committed to the environment and only use sustainably grown FFC certified

hardwood Eucalypti in our products.


In addition to CLT panels Solar Wood is the only Australian manufacture than can mass produce long length hardwood structural beams. Our modular system offering whole walls, floors and ceilings made at the plant and shipped to site for erection is set to revolutionise the building industry.

Our production is driven by technology and automation and our services include manufacture, design, engineering and transport to site.



The Hermal Group is engaged in a range of timber and forestry production sites, including a $190 million timber mill in Burnie, Tasmania. As an allied industry to our forestry businesses, we are heavily investing in the development of a BIO- ENERGY plant capable of generating electricity from the Bio-Mass waste of forestry industries. Not only will these energy plants reduce forestry operational electricity costs to nil, they will also add significant capacity to inject superior, dispatchable, baseload renewable energy into the network at times of high network demand and periods of high value power.



Westernport Marina is situated on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula less than an hour from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Our Marina is perfectly located for those who love their fishing, cruising and sailing but do not want to negotiate the Heads to get out of Port Phillip Bay and into open water. The fishing in this area is unbelievably plentiful with snapper, whiting and gummy shark the main catch but also salmon, elephant fish, flathead, mulloway and calamari among the varieties often caught.


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