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The Hermal Group is a long established diverse enterprise comprising business interests and investments.  It is privately owned and controlled by the Goldschlager Family in Melbourne, Australia, where it has grown from humble beginnings more than 70 years ago.   Ron Goldschlager, Chairman and Group Managing Director, is the seventh consecutive generation member of his family actively involved.    The Group owns and operates a significant timber wholesale business, a marina, a modular buildings construction and rental company and a property development arm.  It is a major investor in Sullivans Cove Distillery [Hobart, Tasmania – winner of the prestigious world’s best single malt whisky in London 2018] and also a range of international “start ups” in new technologies, solar energy and a novel underwater jet propulsion system. 


The Group is currently in the process of building the world’s largest state of the art timber products manufacturing business in Burnie, Tasmania using plantation renewable eucalyptus hardwood as well as a world first Bio-Mass to Bio-Energy plant.


The Group is committed to sustainability and the environment.  In partnership with Monash University, international engine designers Ricardo and major engine manufacturers, is developing new dispatchable, sustainable and renewable energy generation created from wood waste and other Bio-Mass as well as Bio-Chemicals. 


An important part of the Hermal ethos is ensuring safe, productive and welcoming workplaces.  We invest in our staff; believe in our people, forging long term relationships with them as well as with our customers and suppliers.  

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